Title Museum objects, health and healing : the relationship between exhibitions and wellness Brenda Cowan, RossLaird and Jason McKeown.
Author Cowan, Brenda
Published New York : Routledge,an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, 2020
Detail 217 pages illustrations (black and white) ; 16x23 cm
Abstract "Museum Objects, Health and Healing provides an innovativeand interdisciplinary study of the relationship betweenobjects, health and healing. Shedding light on the primacyof the human need for relationships with objects, the bookexplores what kind of implications these relationshipsmight have on the exhibition experience. Merging museumand object studies, as well as psychotherapy and thepsychology of well-being, the authors present a new theoryentitled Psychotherapeutic Object Dynamics, which providesa cross- disciplinary study of the relationship betweenobjects, health and well-being. Drawing on primaryresearch in museums, psychotherapeutic settings andprofessional practice throughout the US, Canada, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the UK, the book provides an overview ofthe theory's origins, the breadth of its practicalapplications on a global level, and a framework forfurther understanding the potency of objects inexhibitions and daily life. Museum Objects, Health andHealing will be essential reading for academics,researchers and postgraduate students interested in museumstudies, material culture, mental health, psychotherapy,art therapies and anthropology. It should also be valuablereading for a wide range of practitioners, includingcurators, exhibition designers, psychologists, andpsychotherapists"--|cProvided by publisher
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