Title From Landscapes of the Mind into New Directions Works from the Collections of the Ateneum Art Museum III 1894-1986.
Author Ateneumin Taldemuseo. Konstmuseet Ateneum. Ateneum Art Museum
Series Ateneumin Taldemuseo, Konstmuseet Ateneum, Ateneum Art Museum. III
Published Helsinki : Art-Print Oy 2014
Detail 141p. :ill. Col. ;17.2x17.3 cm
Abstract This book presents works by Finnish artists from the collections of the Ateneum Art Museum, moving from the internalised Symbolism to a world of the modern man. Portraits turn their gaze both inward and outward. Stories of the countryside and cities make us pause in front of the transition in Finnish life and art. Bright colours and new styles are explored in still lifes as well as in depicting the mysteries of life. The journey ends in the visions of artists all brave and beautiful in their own way
Source Types Book
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