Title Sombat Sayam : the Siam Society collection / Eileen Deeley, project manager and woodcarving ; EuaypornKerdchouay, adviser and artist ; Rita Ringis, paintingsand Buddha images ; Dawn F. Rooney, ceramics and maps ;Thweep Rittinaphakorn, textiles ; Ruth Gerson, masks andpuppet ; Chris Baker, design and layout ; Pairin Kankaew,photography.
Detail vi, 242 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 30 cm
Abstract “Sombat” in Thai means property, wealth, treasure. Over more than e century, the Siam Society has acquired many beautiful, valuable, and historically important objects, mostly as donation from members and friends. This book presents a selection, including woodcarvings, Buddha images, paintings, textiles, ceramics, maps and masks
Source Types Book
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