Title Baybayin : Mga Sinauna at Tradisyunal na Panulat sa Pilipinas = Bayayin : ancient and traditional scripts in the Philippines by Angel P Bautista; Mary Jane Louise A Bolunia; Marites P Tauro; Giovanni G Bautista; National Museum (Philippines).
Author Angel P Bautista; Mary Jane Louise A Bolunia  Author
Detail 90 page :illustrations
Abstract Baybayin is a catalogue featuring the ancient and traditional script in the Philippines, also known collectively and popularly as baybavin The objectives are to feature and promote awareness of the writing systems used by ancient Filipinos, as manifested in archaeological artifacts that transform into archival objects such as written documents and published books in the Spanish colonial era. Equally important is to emphasize a continuing tradition of script writing among a few remaining indigenous communities in Mindoro and Palawan. Since scripts are connected to language and literature, particularly those presently practiced, the approach allows the integration of multiple voices and interpretations
Source Types Book
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